Car hire

Spain2Home arranges your rental car!

Hire car
Car hire

Spain2Home arranges your rental car!

Through our access code you will get a discount

The steps are very simple:

  • Step 1:

    click on the 'hire car' button

  • Step 2:

    login via 'club access' with email : and password : 114637

  • Step 3:

    once logged in you can indicate the date of arrival and departure

  • Step 4:

    you now have the choice to choose a car and which pack. We recommend you take the 'all inclusive' pack, please mention your name in "comments and information"

  • Step 5:

    a Marbesol shuttle will pick you up at the airport exit and take you to the Marbesol office 1 minute away where you can pay (by credit card only) and start using the hire car.

  • Step 6:

    A Marbesol shuttle will take you back to the airport terminal after your holiday

  • Step 7:

    when reserving via our access at Marbesol, the voucher will be forwarded to you directly via Spain2Home.